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Circle C AWAY vs TX School for the Deaf


When: Saturday, May 14th

Meet Time: The meet will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. There will not be any deck entries or last minute changes to heat sheets, only if there has been a computer entry error that needs to be corrected. Time permitting we will have a parents and/or coaches relay. The meet will conclude between 1-1:30 pm.



6:30 am: Seals Set Up Crew Begins Set Up of Age Group Tents

6:50 am: Age Group Parents Check In

7:05 am: Swimmers and All Other Volunteers Arrive and Check In

7:35 am – Circle C Warm-Ups - Lanes 1-6

8:00 am - VOLUNTEER MEETINGS (see specific meeting times and locations below*)

8:20 am - 100 IM swimmers to ready bench

8:25 am - National Anthem

8:30 am - Meet begins

1:00 - 1:30 pm - Meet ends (approximately)

“ON DECK” Meeting Locations (8:00 am)

Timers: At the deep end side of the pool

Stroke and Turn Judges: At the hot tub

Ready Bench: Track flagpole just outside the pool

Award Ribbons: At the hot tub, near Stroke and Turn

Warm ups: Start at 7:35 to 8:20 am. Our goal is to have the first heat on the blocks at 8:28, ready to start the meet by 8:30am.

Spectators: It is technically an indoor pool with 6 large garage doors that open up. Our zoos are all outside. There’s not a lot of room inside so prepare to go in and out of the pool area when your child is swimming. The deck space inside the pool will be standing room only, and you can have lawn chairs outside while waiting for your child to swim.

Parking: There are three parking options. When you get to 350 Elizabeth St., Proceed through the security gate. If no security guard is present, press the CALL button at the gate.

PARKING OPTION 1. Once through the TSD Elizabeth St. Gate, make the 1st LEFT. Then make the 1st RIGHT into the parking lot, proceed through the parking lot and traffic circle, until you reach the Seeger Gymnasium (building by the football field). You may park here. If full, then work your way back to find an available parking space. Then walk to the football field/track, look for the track flagpole, which is where the swimming pool is located. Click here for a link to parking map.

PARKING OPTION 2. Once through the TSD Elizabeth St. Gate, make the 1st LEFT. Proceed on the TSD Campus Road, drive past the football field, come to the softball field, veer RIGHT, follow the 3rd baseline until you come to an opening at the end of the softball field 3rd baseline fence, enter the outfield to park by and before the stone wall on the softball field. Please park facing East. Then look for the track flagpole, take the sidewalk toward the track flagpole, which is where the swimming pool is. Click here for a link to parking map.

PARKING OPTION 3. Once through the TSD Elizabeth St. Gate, make the 1st LEFT. Proceed on the TSD Campus Road, until you reach the football field bleachers/concession stand. Park along the outside campus curb, be sure to park facing South, with campus traffic. Click here for a link to the parking map.

All visitors’ zoos: We will share the area underneath the pool breezeway (east side of the pool) by elevator, including the area going South of the breezeway to the Seeger Gym with the TSD that is shaded. We will also have the entirety of the unshaded grass area on the other side of the stairwell. Please keep the stairwell clear so that swimmers/parents can hear the announcer for event/heat order, etc.


***Please do not enter the Age Group Tent area to either check in your swimmers or to set up your own chairs until AFTER set up is complete.

Check In: Drop your swimmers off at their appropriate age group tent and check them in with the age group parent. Make sure they are sun-screened and marked up BEFORE you leave the area :) Events on arm, name on back of shoulder. See instructions. Also, please don’t remove your child from their tent (bathroom/concessions) unless you notify the Age Group Parent.

Check Out: Notify the Age Group Parent when you’re leaving for the day and actively check them out.

Allergy Alert: If your child has a severe allergy please ensure you have appropriate medication (e.g. Epi-Pen) on hand and inform the Age Group parents. We are often in grasses or parking lots during meets. If you child has a bee, fire ant or other insect allergy please come prepared.

We have children with severe nut allergies and ask families to help us be a Peanut and Tree Nut free team. Please refrain from bringing food containing nuts to the swim meets. Children hang out in Age Group tents and contact may be unavoidable. Nutella contains nuts.

Concessions: Concessions will be located on the other side of the pool from our zoos near the football field and track.

Heat sheets will be available for downloading Friday. Per the Bylaws, we will not have extra hard copies of the heat sheets at the meet, but we will provide for stroke & turn clipboard and one per timer lane.


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