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Meet 2 AWAY Meet


When: Saturday, May 20

Meet Time: The meet will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. There will not be any deck entries or last minute changes to heat sheets, only if there has been a computer entry error that needs to be corrected. The meet will conclude by around 2:00 and must be over by 2:15pm (to stay in compliance with HOA guidelines).


6:25 am: Seals Set Up Crew Begins Set Up of Age Group Tents

6:50 am: Age Group Parents Check In

7:00 am: Swimmers and All Other Volunteers Arrive and Check In

7:15-7:45 am: Circle C Warm-up

7:30 am: Volunteer Meetings

7:50 am: First call to Ready Bench (loudspeaker use prohibited before 8am)

7:58 am: National Anthem

8:00 am: Meet Begins

Between Events 26 and 27 – Shift Change

2:00 pm: Meet Ends (approx.)


Timers – inside the Amenity Center (will include demo of wireless timing system)

Stroke & Turn Judges, Scribes, and Runners – near the baby pool 

Ready Bench – under awning of Amenity Center, near pool 

Heat Ribbons/Ribbons – near computers (pool deck) 

Hospitality – at the Hospitality table, near the Silo 


The Pool/Amenity Center parking lot will be closed for safety reasons and available only for handicapped parking. Main parking is available along the streets – specifically Gatling Gun Lane, Warwick, and Buckingham Gate. Parking also is available in the Baranoff Elementary lot across Gatling Gun Lane. 


All zoos will be located in the grassy area east of the pool (street-facing), unless the grass is too wet, and then we will have the zoo in the parking lot (chairs or extra blankets may be helpful). Please bring tarps or blankets for your children’s areas. It might not be a bad idea for you to bring at least one container of bug spray just in case of mosquitoes. While we have treated the grass, fire ants are always a possibility. 


We will have space inside the fenced area around the pool for some spectators. There is also some space around the outside of the pool on the east and west sides. Please bring your own folding chairs for use around the pool. 


Spectators may enter the pool area on the east (street-facing) side at the walk-through gate. The gate at the north (parking lot-facing) side of the pool is for swimmers only, to enter the Ready Bench area. Please see Pool Layout below. 


We have a 5-lane pool and will follow the meet format dictated by the Bylaws (girls first): IM, Freestyle Relay, Backstroke, Freestyle, Medley Relay, Breast, Butterfly. The neighborhood requires a hard stop for meets at 2:15pm. If the projected duration of the meet goes past 2:15pm once the heat sheets are seeded, we will propose some options at that time. We will be using a wireless timing system, with two timers per lane wireless and a third timer with a stopwatch in case of a hiccup with the wireless system. We expect this plan will make results fast and accurate. 


The meet may include a Parents’ and/or Coaches’ Relay halfway through the meet, time permitting. Please bring your suit if you are interested in participating. 


Concessions will be available at the Gazebo adjacent to the parking lot (north of the pool). We will have coffee and breakfast tacos, other refreshments, and lunch concessions. Kona Ice will be there ~10am with snow cones for sale. All concessions are cash transactions. To reduce waste, all attendees and participants are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles, as water coolers will be available.




Helpful pages:

Meet Preparation (things to do the night before)

Meet 101 (what to bring and overview of the day)

Do not forget to check ALL relays in the heat sheet to see if your child is in one. 

Swimmers that do not make it in time for warm-ups will be scratched from the relay teams.

If you are volunteering, please sign in with the volunteer coordinator upon arrival If you do not sign in you may not get credit for volunteer points.

If your child has a severe allergy please ensure you have appropriate medication (e.g. Epi-Pen) on hand and inform the Age Group parents. We are often in grasses or parking lots during meets. If you child has a bee, fire ant or other insect allergy please come prepared.

We have children with severe nut allergies and ask families to help us be a Peanut and Tree Nut free team. Please refrain from bringing food containing nuts to the swim meets. Children hang out in Age Group tents and contact may be unavoidable. Nutella contains nuts.

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SAAB Pool Layout

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