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What is Quick Starts?

Quick Starts is a 2-week, 2 session per week, intensive swim program that kick starts kids into their summer season. Swimmers are organized by age and swim level and additionally separated into two groups, either Returning Seals or New Seals. Quick Starts is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the coaches, and brush up on or learn essential skills for the season. It is a small group environment with a swimmer/coach ratio of 5/1.


April 18-28 sometime between 3:30-5:30pm. There are two practice options; M/W or T/Th for both weeks. Kids would either swim M/W each of the two weeks, or they would swim Tu/Th on each of the two weeks - every kid needs four practices in total. You may not sign up for just two lessons or just one week all four days. Each class period will be 30 or 45 minutes long, depending on age and ability. All classes are held at the Circle C Swim Center.

New Swimmer Quickstart Sessions 2017:

Ages 8-10, Mon/Wed: April 17,19,24,26 (3:45 - 4:15 PM)

Ages 5-7, Mon/Wed: April 17,19,24,26 (4:15 - 4:45 PM)

Ages 8-11, Mon/Wed: April 17,19,24,26 (4:45 - 5:15 PM)

Ages 5-7, Mon/Wed: April 17,19,24,26 (5:15 - 5:45 PM)

Returning Swimmer Quickstart Sessions 2017:

Ages 9-10, Tue/Thu: April 18,20,25,27 (3:45-4:15 PM) 

Ages 6-8, Tue/Thu: April 18,20,25,27 (4:15-4:45 PM) 

Ages 6-8, Tue/Thu: April 18,20,25,27 (4:45 - 5:15 PM) 

Ages 10+, Tue/Thu: April 18,20,25,27 (5:15 - 5:45 PM)


Quick Starts for new and returning swimmers opens on the day of tryouts. We will have registration available via the website following tryouts and online for returning swimmers. Online payment is via credit card.


New Swimmers participating in tryouts and who make the team are all encouraged to attend Quick Starts. Kids are introduced to the Seals coaches and environment on a smaller and more comfortable scale, preparing them for the start of the season. Quick Starts also allows coaches to better observe the swimmer’s level and bring that level up with focused attention on skills.

Returning Swimmers are also encouraged to attend Quick Starts, particularly those who are aging up to 50s (11 yrs +) so they can get help with turns. All returning swimmers benefit, especially if they have been out of the water since last summer!


The sessions are lead and coordinated by Head Coach, Colleen Cox. Coach Colleen is supported by Seals Assistant Coaches.


The full price for one 'session' (i.e. four swim practices) is $50.

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