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Required equipment includes a team swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, fins, and a kickboard.

Please select team shirt size for each swimmer during registration. 

Team Swimcap & Team T-shirt

A team swimcap and team t-shirt is included in your registration fee, and will be given to the swimmer during the first few weeks of practice. 

Team Swimsuit

The team swimsuit is required for meets; this includes current year, previous year suits and all black suits. The cost is EXTRA (not included in your registration fee). Check the Calendar tab for dates that SwimFreak will be at our pool otherwise please go to their Austin location: SwimFreak.

We strongly suggest you have another suit for your child to wear during practices. Any of the suits with "endurance" in their title are made of a fabric that lasts longest. Our racing team suits are not made of that fabric. If your kids wear their racing suit every time they come to practice it is highly unlikely to last the 8 week season. It is good to get a few practices in the race suit.

Goggles, Fins, Kickboard

Goggles, fins, and kickboard are also required equipment. The cost is EXTRA (not included in your registration fee). These items will also be available for purchase when SwimFreak is at our pool (check Calendar tab for dates) or they can be purchased from any sport/swim retailer.

PLEASE get your kids fins. They help build confidence and add speed with little effort for your swimmer. They'll be sad if they don't have them because all the other Seals will be faster.

Be sure to put your child's name on all belongings, including fins, goggles and t-shirts.

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