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Swimmers are expected to attend at least one practice per week.

After school Practice (May 1 - June 1) is held Monday - Thursday

Summer Practice (June 4 - June 29) is held Tuesday - Friday

Session groups and timing remain the same for the season.

If for any reason your child cannot make at least one practice a week please email the Head Coach.

2018 Practice times TBD  

2017 groups listed below for reference ONLY

Session 1 (7-10 yo) 3:45 - 4:30 PM
Session 2 (7-8 yo) 4:35 - 5:10 PM
Session 3 (5-7 yo) 5:10 - 5:45 PM
Session 4 (10-12 yo) 5:45 - 6:35 PM
Session 5 (12+) 6:35 - 7:30 PM

THURSDAYS are "Fun Thursdays" - swimmers will have a chance to blow off a little steam and be mentally prepared to swim in the upcoming meet each weekend! This will change to Fun Friday when summer practices start!

Each swimmer is hand placed by the Head Coach into a session based on age and skill level. Parents and swimmers will be notified of session placement approximately 1-2 weeks before the season, after all tryouts and registration is complete.

*Ages are a guideline, swimmers are placed by Head Coach based on what is best for all swimmers in a group.

Please understand that a lot of planning has gone into choosing these session times, and we have many factors to consider including other uses of pool lane space, times that our coaches and volunteers that are in high school are able to be in attendance to help the youngest kids, size of the different age groups, etc. We know that for many of you the session times are not the most convenient, with your kids one or more sessions apart, and perhaps starting at times that don’t work well with your schedule. However it’s important for safety to keep kids of like ability and age together and we hope you can adjust as necessary to make sure your child can attend their scheduled practice time.

Your kids have been placed with other kids of a similar age and ability level but even within each group there is a pretty broad spectrum. We have many lanes and coaches and the kids will be further streamed within each group and our hope is that they will get the best and most individualized coaching possible in a team of 250 kids! Once practice starts we may consider moving swimmers to different session times if it seems another group will be a better fit.

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Weather Alerts

Please sign up to receive text alerts announcing practice/meet cancellation due to bad weather. Share this info. with your swimmers who have cell phones so they can stay informed as well. 

TEXT: @seals2018 to 81010 to receive team alerts. If you're having trouble using 81010 try texting @seals2018 to (512) 371-6490 instead.

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