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Meet Policies

Minimum Practice: Swimmers must swim in one practice the week preceding the swim meet. Illness and vacation are at the coach's discretion.

Minimum Meets: All swimmers are expected to swim in at least two meets.

Meet Attendance: If you are unable to attend the swim meet, you must still register as “not attending”. We need to know this information when the meet is being built.

Maximum Entries: Each swimmer may register for up to 3 races. Relays will be selected by the coaching staff (read Relay Policy below). We have 250 swimmers on the team with many attending every meet, we cannot let each swimmer swim every event and accommodate our allocated venue time.

Volunteer Obligations:

Families must achieve a minimum of 40 volunteer points by filling positions over the season, typically during meets.

If you need to cancel last minute you will need to inform the volunteer coordinator. Meets are run entirely by volunteers! If you are unable to attend the meet, then someone else needs to fill in for your role in addition to fulfilling their role.

Please review your volunteer role duties prior to the meet and contact the lead volunteer if you have any questions.

Relay Policy

Seals relay policy rewards swimmers with the opportunity to swim in additional races. Relay races for swimmers 5-18 year old will be assigned based on the coach's discretion. There are a number of factors, aside from the fastest times, that go into building a relay such as consistency, hard work, and chemistry.

Swimmers must arrive in time to participate in warm-ups. Swimmers that do not make it in time for warm-ups will be scratched from the relay teams. We have to check-in swimmers and verify relay teams prior to the start of the meet. When a swimmer isn't here in time for team check-in's then the relay has to be re-seeded on deck and in the computer or scratched for legality purposes.


If your child has a severe allergy please ensure you have appropriate medication (e.g. Epi-Pen) on hand and inform the Age Group parents.

We are often in grasses or parking lots during meets. If you child has a bee, fire ant or other insect allergy please come prepared.

We have children with severe nut allergies and ask families to help us be a Peanut and Tree Nut free team. Please refrain from bringing food containing nuts to the swim meets. Children hang out in Age Group tents and contact may be unavoidable.  

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