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Job Descriptions for Lead Parent Volunteers


Calls age groups to the Ready Bench

Announces Sponsors

Plays music throughout meet

Responsible for playlist

Works closely with starter

Head Age Group Parent

Check in and organize the age group parents at meets

Organize age group tents set up and clean up

Assists in any Age Group Tent disruptions

Head Clean Up

Organizes the clean up during home meets

Coordinates the clean up volunteers

Head Computer Operator/Scorer

Manages the meet entries, scoring, and results through HyTek/Swimtopia Software

Manages Timing System

Head Hospitality

Planning and execution of all social events, and handing out water to volunteers at meets

Head Parent

Oversees all aspects of the Seals Team

Liaison with the HOA and Swim Center to confirm logistics and schedules for the season

Secure head coach and parent volunteer coordinators

Head Ready Bench

Manages the ready bench and ready bench volunteers

Holds volunteer meeting at home meets.

Head Ribbons and Medals

Transcribes results to ribbons and files in folders (done at the end and after completion of the meet)

Coordinates Ribbon and Meet Award delivery to team each week

Works closely with Computer Operator

Coordinates volunteers to help with ribbons

Orders any ribbons we need through league

Head Runner

Coordinates volunteers for runners for Stroke and Turn Judges

Coordinates volunteers for runners for Timers

Coordinates volunteers for heat winner ribbons

Head Stroke and Turn Judge

Facilitates annual training/certification of judges

Holds volunteer meeting at home meets

Makes sure judges for the second shift are ready during shift change

Head Timer

Has timers clear their watches and prepare for the next event.

Signals it is okay to start the next event.

Responsible for starting two (2) watches.

Holds volunteer meeting at home meets.

Makes sure timers for the second shift are ready during shift change.

League Representative

Represents Circle C Seals at League meetings throughout the year

Coordinates communication of league decisions back to team leadership

Meet Director

Oversees logistics/co-ordination of each meet with Swim center, Head Coach and Parent

Works with visiting team, or team we're visiting, to coordinate meet warm up and start times

Evaluates weather or meet alternative options with Swim center and team leadership

Merchandise and Award Distributor

Once merchandise arrives, distribute to team

Orders and coordinates end of season award distribution

Merchandise Coordinator

Select items, post available items online, promote items, work with designer and production including team shirt

Merchandise Designer

Create and coordinate designs for all merchandise, create mock ups for production and sales, work with coordinator and distribution as needed

Relay Assistant/Coordinator

Maintain team relay spreadsheet

Work with coaches Thursday night to assign b,c and d relays as needed

Focus on helping each kid have multiple relay chances if wanted.

Scholarship Coordinator

Manages application process and awarding of scholarship

Finds volunteers to review and evaluate applications

Set up Lead

Organizes the set up during home meets

Coordinates the set up volunteers

Sponsorship Coordinator

Manages annual sponsorship updates

Promotes/recruits sponsors for team

Makes annual sponsor banner for home meets

Provides sponsor logo for website


Responsible for starting each event and keeping the meet on schedule

Works with announcer to call athletes to ready bench

Works with Meet Director on schedule format changes

Team Equipment Manager

Choose team suit with vendor

Coordinate date and times for pool visits from vendor

Chooses and coordinates swim cap

Works with merchandise distributor for cap distribution

Establishes accounts and donations for coaches at pool and

Coordinates nightly dinner schedule for head coach

Volunteer Coordinator

Makes certain volunteers are available at the meets for different volunteer positions

Holds meeting or make sure the head parent of each volunteer position holds a meeting with all of the volunteers and explains what their job entails

Checks that all families have met the volunteer requirements

You can read the volunteer coordinator handbook here

Webmaster and Registration

Organizes the registration dates and process for returning and new swimmers

Handles online registration signup process

Updates registration information on website

Keeps the website updated with all team information, dates, meet info etc…

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