2018 Board Intro, Thank you's and 2018 CHAMPS date

Hi all - I hope this update finds you all well and enjoying the 'off-season.' I have 3 quick things to share - a brief intro to me/the new Seals board, a few thanks you’s, and a 2018 Champs update.

The intro - the volunteer Seals board this coming year consists of James Dauterive (New Treasurer), Matt Regan (New Technical Lead), Heather Corbett (Secretary), Dana Chang (New Meet Director/League Rep), Katie Dinwiddie (Outgoing President) and myself, Jeff Grosso, (NEW Head Parent/President). Elli Overton has volunteered to help Dana and be our Champs Meet Director - phew! Finally - Colleen Cox has agreed to Coach the team again - phew phew! I appreciate the board stepping up and volunteering to lead the team and Elli for volunteering to run a great Champs meet for the league that is made up of 8 teams.

As for me, your interface for all matters of concern with Seals, I attached my picture so you can recognize me around the pool:). My wife Joy and I have 3 Seals heading into their 5th season - Ava & Sydney (10) and Jackson (9). Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions/concerns with the team - my email is jeff.m.grosso@gmail.com and my cell is (512) 632-2009 (texting is best due to my side job that requires too many meetings/international travel).

I would like to thank the outgoing/nearly outgoing members of the Seals leadership who contributed so much in the past several years and have made this transition much easier for us already. Katie Dinwiddie, Stephen Marquez (Treasurer), Nandan Dharwadker (Technical Lead), and Nina Wasserburger (League Rep) have been exceptional leaders for the team. Katie has even promised to mentor me and be on 24x7 notice for all my dumb questions:).

Finally, we wanted to share early since folks are already making 2018 summer plans that the league will again hold Champs at Texas A&M on Saturday June 30th. This is one week later than our most recent years due to A&M's availability, but within the league's allowed timeframe. We don't know yet how this 1 week extension will affect our season meet/practice schedule - we will share of course as soon as we know.

Thanks all and looking forward to a great year.


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