2018 Season Tryout Process

Hi everyone. I am Jeff Grosso – the Head Parent/President of the Circle C Seals – a non-profit, volunteer operated, summer league swim team here in the neighborhood. The team is FAMOUS for our incredible coaches and active volunteer parents working together to develop our community’s youth (5-18 yrs old) into capable swimmers in a fun, safe, recreationally competitive environment. Falling on the sword a bit, the team is also INFAMOUS unfortunately for the challenges we faced in recent years with adding new members onto the team as neighborhood interest in joining the team grew dramatically and outpaced available spots on the team – the end results were very long wait lines for limited slots, hurt feelings, etc. That all said, our board listened to the feedback from the community and team and voted to change the process of adding Circle C families to a publicly held lottery-based system moving forward.

We will be holding 2 information meetings at the Community Center on Sunday, Jan 14th (2:30-3:30) and Saturday, Feb 17th (1:30-2:30) to share all the ins/outs of Seals’ membership with residents interested in having their children join the team – ie volunteer/attendance requirements for new Seals/Families; coaching staff/philosophies, fees; season timeframe; the fun; etc. We will also cover exactly how the lottery will work, but in short – names will be pulled from a swim cap. Those families in attendance at either of the 2 meetings and aligned to Seals’ membership requirements will be offered entry into a lottery to be publicly held via Facebook Live in early March. A single day new swimmer ‘try-out’ (ie can the child traverse the 25 yrd length of the pool un-assisted/safely) - will follow on the afternoon of Sunday, April 8th (no make-ups unfortunately) and the limited available slots will be filled in order of the drawn family names. If slots run out before all interested families get one - which is likely - the families will get improved chances in subsequent years’ lotteries as long as they demonstrate continued interest each year (ie they get more name ‘tickets’ in the lottery each year).

‘Limited available slots’…..unfortunately, despite a 25% growth in the size of the team during the past 5 yrs, the growth has not kept pace with the community’s growth or corresponding interest in joining the team. Both the HOA and Aquatic Center staff have been absolutely great partners, but unfortunately the growth is presently stalled as we share finite pool space/time with the greater community – the last 2 yrs have seen only 10-15 slots become available each season. With that all said, we aren’t giving up - in 2018 we will be exploring new options to serve a greater portion of the Circle C Community in the long term - swimmer safety is paramount and that the quality of coaching and team experience will not be sacrificed as a result of any growth – but all else will be turned inside out to see how we can add even more families to the Seals team.

We look forward to seeing everyone with an interest in learning more about the Seals at the meetings on Jan 14th and Feb 17th. We will do our best to address all your questions/concerns – in less verbosity than this long post:). Please help us spread the word – a notice will appear in the printed HOA newsletter as well. In the meantime folks can visit our website atwww.ccrseals.swimtopia.com to learn more about the team. Thank you.

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