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Thank You to Our 2017 Volunteers of the Week

Please see Kim Horek to get your Chipotle Gift Card! 

Timing Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Larry Covert & Chris Scott

Larry worked both shifts running the heat boards, helping us come up with a working placement of the boards, plus was part of the set up AND clean-up crew! Chris is a new Seals mom who did a great job cutting her teeth on Ready Bench and followed up with a family effort on the clean up crew!

SAAB Meet Chips and Guac Volunteer of the Week

Jeff Grosso

Jeff was a huge help on Saturday with the 20 Age Group Tents, helping to set them up, organizing tearing them down, and transporting them back to Circle C. Thanks Jeff!

Shady Hollow Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Kim McGauley & Jennifer Morrison

Kim was Age group mom for 11-12 girls and wrangled them wonderfully!! She volunteers for that role often and does it with a smile and peace about her that you have to have to work with that many 11/12 yr old girls! Jennifer Morrison was working Saturday’s meet in her unofficial role as “head cheer person”. Jennifer is known for cheering for every Seal, every kiddo who wins, every kiddo who’s coming in last, and everyone in between, no matter which team. We appreciate her spirit and sportsmanship. 

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