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Thank You to Our 2018 Volunteers of the Week

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Timing Meet/May 6th 

Mingming Chen and Chad Bookidis 

MingMing Chen, a brand new Seals parent, went over and above what was expected as an Age Group Parent. She showed up early and stayed late in the 6 and under boys tent. She gave the little guys lots of encouragement for their first meet and learned all of their names. She even stayed after her shift to help take down tents, pick up trash and collect lost and found items. Lots of enthusiasm from her :)

Chad Bookidis did an amazing job at the Ready Bench! He kept things fun and upbeat which really helped calm the nerves and build confidence in our littlest swimmers. An added plus, he showed up wearing a fun costume! Way to go, Chad! 

Belterra and Hays Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Matt Regan, Jesse Riggins, Stacy Demetri, and Philip Pesses

Matt and Jesse put in SO much work every week behind the scenes to prepare meet files, heat sheets, and more. It's not just what they do on deck the day of the meet (with no breaks, no time to socialize, taking 100% concentration and attention to detail), but all the work they do in preparation, that helps our meets run so smoothly. This week, each of their wives, Rajal and Adrienne, stepped up to help them at the table as well! Stacy did a great job as Age Group Parent keeping the 11-12 Boys rounded up and on time for ready bench, and began pitching in with tent take down without being asked. Philip, also as Age Group Parent, had great interactions with his 7-8 Boys and really stood out this week. Thank you all for making Seals great!

Travis Country and Hays Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Christina Wright, Jason Horek, Lara Strickland & Rick Spahn

With so many people going above and beyond it's hard to pick people out to recognize! Christina stood out in the Timer area. She got there early and helped general set up, and ended up as the only back-up timer. Christina did the work of two with smiles and grace. Jason stepped up to fill Kim's shoes when she was taken down with a bad stomach virus, and did an awesome job! Lara came to work the event board with her crutches! First meet this season that she's out of either a wheelchair, or a brace, and she's working! That's the spirit. Rick has been working Ready Bench #2 all season and he does such a great job of keeping it fun for the kiddos. His bottle of awesome, that he shares with the kids, is always a big hit, as are his costumes :-)

Western Oaks and TSD Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Jon Denton, Scott May & Gokul Shankaran

Typically we don’t award volunteer of the week to any “Head of Area” volunteers, because they all go above and beyond and we don’t want to single anyone out, but this week we had some exceptional circumstances to deal with… Rats, cockroaches, ants and scorpions in the shed that stores our team gear. We asked for some help from team dad and owner of Blue Planet Pest Control, Scott May. Scott advised that we really just needed to reseal the shed where the back had separated from the base. Jon Denton, Head of Set Up, was on the job right away and got the shed fixed and sealed before the meet was over. Not only did Seals parents jump in and help, they did it fast and for free.Thanks so much for the swift resolution of this issue Scott and Jon!!

Meanwhile, this was the second week in a row that Gokul Shankaran came by the volunteer table offering to help, above and beyond what his role was. That’s the kind of spirit that’s going to get us through the last few meets, now that many have met their volunteering ‘requirement’. Thanks for setting the standard Gokul!

Shady Hollow Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Kim McGauley & Jennifer Morrison

Kim was Age group mom for 11-12 girls and wrangled them wonderfully!! She volunteers for that role often and does it with a smile and peace about her that you have to have to work with that many 11/12 yr old girls! Jennifer Morrison was working Saturday’s meet in her unofficial role as “head cheer person”. Jennifer is known for cheering for every Seal, every kiddo who wins, every kiddo who’s coming in last, and everyone in between, no matter which team. We appreciate her spirit and sportsmanship. 

SAAB Meet Chips and Guac Volunteer of the Week

Jeff Grosso

Jeff was a huge help on Saturday with the 20 Age Group Tents, helping to set them up, organizing tearing them down, and transporting them back to Circle C. Thanks Jeff!

Timing Meet Chips and Guac Volunteers of the Week

Larry Covert & Chris Scott

Larry worked both shifts running the heat boards, helping us come up with a working placement of the boards, plus was part of the set up AND clean-up crew! Chris is a new Seals mom who did a great job cutting her teeth on Ready Bench and followed up with a family effort on the clean up crew!
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